Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki.

If we don’t keep our environment clean our water will be so dirty for our sea animals. If we throw rubbish around our environment birds will come and eat it and they will be so sick and die. If we throw rubbish into the river the sea animals will swim away from our island and swim to a better place that doesn't have rubbish. If we put our rubbish in the bin the animals and the sea animals will come back to our land.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Going swimming

The thing I like about swimming is that I get to learn about how to be swimming properly. I like swimming because that I learn how to float on my back do the freestyle and jump in the pool and shout help. The thing I feel when I go to the pool’s is that I feel nervous and excited. When I touch the water I get happy. The person that I went with to swimming was Mr Moran. At the pool’s my instructor is Jed. The people that I swim with is Sivaenah Bradley Oalii and Kauri. The thing I like about swimming again is that they have life jackets an island flutter board and doing the leg kicking.