Friday, October 20, 2017

Equal sharing with materials and imaging.

Immersion Assembly.

Today when we came back from the holidays we had to the hall for our Immersion Assembly.
After that when we got to the hall and sat down we saw some of our principals and some of our teachers wearing some funky wigs. During assemble Mr Burt said good morning pt England after that he said now it's time for team 1 and then we started watching what the team 1 teachers were acting for us.

When they were acting they were acting playing snap with some music turn on. When the music was on it started to get more rufer and rufer and the teachers started to play ruf and ruf. Finally when the music went onto slow music the teachers started calming down and that was the end of team 1s acting. After that it was time for team 2s singing and the song that the team 2 teachers were singing was In the Jungle. The first teacher was singing and she was playing the tiki ta. When she was singing the second teacher came with a shaker and started shaking it while the first teacher was singing and playing the tiki ta. When they were singing and making music the third teacher came up the stairs to the stage with a  bla bla and started to make music. Soon after that the last teacher came onto the stage and started making music with two brooms and then after that it was the end of team 2s singing. While we were waiting it was finally time for team 3s video. After watching that amazing and funny video we started clapping because we liked it. After that it was now time for team 4s video while that video ended it was time for team 5s acting and when that was finish the Immersion Assemble ended.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

OMG Tech

               Thank you matua for showing us how to make little torch and that was the best time.