Thursday, March 30, 2017

The thing I learnt about kapa haka is that when you are doing kapa haka in front of people you are nervous.

  • What happens at a Kapa Haka festival?
Because it was raining.
  • Why is it a big day for Daniel and Teremoana?
Because it was their kapa haka performers.
  • What do they do when it rains in the morning, the day of the festival?
They will have the festival at another school hall.
  • How would Daniel and Teremoana feel when the crowd is clapping?
  • How would you feel being in a Kapa Haka festival, and why?
I would feel nervous because I have to do the kapa haka in front of lots of people.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Yesterday room 12 and Mr Moran went to the whare fono. We went to the whare fono in the morning. We went to the whare fono to make white pepper plan’s. The thing why we went to the whare fono was because we wanted to know how is the Pt England world champion pepper thrower. It was boys against girls. Then Mr Moran said to the girls that they will pick khow is going to go first. Then the girls picked the boys to go first. After when the boys were finished the girls went. Then when we were finished it was the semi final.

When it was the semi final the boys won.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The thing I learnt about wild Orphans is that they don't get to see their mother's.

Answer these questions….
What ways are elephants very similar to humans?
What is an orphan?
It is a baby elephant that don't get to see its mum.

Draw a picture to show 3 different ways that elephants and humans are the same. Use pixlr to draw the picture.
Insert your picture her
Agree or disagree?
Page number
Ivory is very valuable and worth lots of money.
Baby elephants are scared away by hunters killing their mothers.
In the wild baby elephants are looked after their mothers for 2 years.
The keepers care a great deal for their elephants.
The elephants at the orphanage are named after their fathers.
Learning to take a mud bath keeps the elephant safe and healthy.
Hunters who kill elephants could go to jail.

The relay race

Yesterday Mr Moran's writing class went to sports. We went to sports after the waiata the mihi and the karakia. We did sports on the field and we had fun. It was a sunny day to. We did obstacles and relays. The sports we were doing were a relay batten and we had to skip through the a hula hoop and we had to spin around a pole. When it was time for the relay race it was I and Zoe’s  turn to go first. When it was time for I and Zoe’s turn Mr Moran said ready steady go. After that I and Zoe went. First me and Zoe got the pole and ducked our head down and then we had to spin around for 4 times. Next we had to jump over the hurdles. After we had to run and then skip through the hula hoop. When me and Zoe ran to skip through the hula hoop. When I was running I forgot that the grass was wet. Then I slipped and fell on the ground. After that my team said get up get up then I got up and skipped through the hula hoop. Next I had to run around the orange and white cone and run back to the starting line. Then I had to pass the relay baton to my team and then they will have to run. After when we were finished we went back to class and write about the relay race and we came after one round.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The thing i learnt about zoo baby's are how they get looked altered. 

Beach Mission

This afternoon it was a sunny day at the beach. At the beach it was windy and it was hot because it was a sunny day. There at the beach there was 100s of umbrellas. At the beach there were big huge rough waves. When the waves were rough the people did not care about it. The waves were too rough because out out in the sea far away there was a big huge massive bout that was on fire. When the bout was on fire the people were shouting. The people were shouting because there was a that was on fire. There was a man called Johnson. Johnson saw the the bout on fire too and  he saw that the bout was stranded too. So he tried to find a way so he can rescue the people that was on the ship. Suddenly he didn't know  that he could swim so he swimmed to the big ship. When he got to the bout he tried to find a way so he could get up. When he was trying to find a way to get up he heard screaming coming from the top of the ship. Then he found a long rope that came down from the top so he went up the long rope and got up on the ship. After he got on the ship the screaming got louder and louder. So he ran as fast as he can and then he found them and got out. When they got out he only had two people because they left one person behind so he went back and saved him and then they swimmed back to dry land.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

haunted house

In the middle of nowhere there was a spooky haunted house. At the haunted house there was a graveyard. I felt scared because inside of the haunted house there was broken glass and skeleton bones. It was mysterious because there was two graveyard in the graveyard there was a man and a women. They past away at 1925. It was smelly and I was scared. I went in the haunted house so I can fine something safe. When I was in the haunted house I was freaked out because there was ghost. When I went inside I saw a dusty old stairs. Then I tiptoed up the dusty old stairs and then I tried to find something so I can be safe. Then I went into a room and it was room 4565 and then I went inside. When I went inside the shower turned on and then the TV turned on and off. After that I ran out of that room and went away. After that I came to room 1234. When got there I went inside. When I was inside everything in the room were the same as room 4565 because the shower turned on and the TV turned on and off. But I was not scared that time because I was trying to find something so I can be safe. Then I saw a door. When went into the door the door tuke me into the bathroom. At the bathroom there was an old sink that had lots of old dusty water. After that I turned around and I saw a shiny gold key. Then I got it and I ran out of the door. When I ran out of the door I ran down stairs. When I was running down stairs the haunted house crumbled down. After when I ran out of the door I triped over and ran away with the key. When I was running I saw a door. when I ran to the door then the door tuke me to a happy world. The End.