Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The human knot.

Today in the morning before we did writing at school me and my class went outside to the field and we played the human knot. When we were playing that our teacher Mrs West expand the rules of how to play the human knot. After that we strate and went into playing it. First we had to stand in a circle in our team and I was in the red team. When we were in a circle Mrs West said that if she says ready and set we have to put our hands up and hold onto someone's hand but not holding the persons hand that is by you in your team and we have to try and tangle yourself and if she says go we have to try and untangle ourselves when she said that she shouted out ready set then we all tangled ourselves and the she said go. After she said go we tried to untangle ourselves and then after that when we untangled ourselves we have to go and line up in one line and me and my team came 2nd because we were trying to untangle ourselves. Then one of the people in the team that came 1st said to us “hahaha you guys came 2nd” then my friend bradley said back “so 1st the worst and 2nd the best. Then my team started to laughed and then Mrs West came then told us “alright now you two teams are going to stand in a circle and you guy a ganna try and do the same thing again”. Then both team tried and we only got our hands up and tangled and I did not join them because they were squished and there was no space for me. After that me and my class went back to class and did some work.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


My Scary Narrative.

Once upon a time in the morning at 3am there was three teen boys called max, toby and joe. The

went to a place that was scary smelly and haunted. Once when they got there it was night time because it was far from where they lived and they didn't have that much gas so they walked there. When they got there they used their flashlight to go looking for the haunted pipe. When they found it they tried to find out what happened to the pipe that made the pipe so haunted. But when they went to check what was inside they found small terrifying knome killers that were killing every single person looking around the pipe. But while they were nervously staring at the knome killers the killers said together “HELLO MY FRIENDS HEHEHE. Then the killers started to chase after them while holding sharp carved sticks in each hand. Then max toby and joe started running away with horror from the knomes, but all a sudden toby got stabbed in the leg by one of the knomes then toby collapsed. While toby was struggling to get up he yelled to max and joe

“Just go and leave me behind!” So max and joe sprinted as fast as they could back home while hundreds and thousands of sad tears slowly running down their cheeks. While they were running max told joe to stop. Joe asked max why they were stopping, and max replied back saying “We have to go back and save toby” Joe agreed with max but joe didn’t wanna go back without weapons and protection. So they rushed back home to grab as much protection and weapons as quick as possible. 8 minutes later max and joe arrived at the haunted pipe looking for the knomes and toby. They dropped on to their knees when they saw toby lying dead on the greasy concrete. So joe and max got so angry they used all that anger to destroy all the knomes and carry toby back home. 1 week later they had tobys funeral, it was joes and maxs saddest day of their lives. Another month came by and joe and max were back to living a happy life a again.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018

Daily timetable.

today we were learning about time and we were learning how the time works

Friday, February 2, 2018

this is my first page that i have put on my blog for 2018.