Friday, May 26, 2017

The fierce creature.

I can see a fierce creature that was trying to eat the people that were shouting for some help. The fierce creature was trying to get the people because they were doing a movie for people and they were to load. The fierce creature was hiding in the large long green grass. I could see large trees that have webs on them and I could see the creature crashing into the trees to get them and the people are trying to find a way out. The fierce creature has a large sharp tail that has
Sharp pointy horns that can kill people that are close to them. The fierce creature had sharp teeth and sharp claws. The fierce creature
Was so angry that he wanted to eat them. The people that were running away were four people. One of the people had yellow and dark blue clothes. Then they ran away and got safe. They thought that they were safe but they weren't. The fierce creature was behind

the large long grass. Then the fierce creature chased them back to home. To be continued.


  1. hi Joseph I like your drawing It is so cool it look like a dog so by by see you agen by.


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