Thursday, June 29, 2017

learning 3x 4x 11x.

Making matareki a kit.

                                                    Us taking a picture with our kits.
                                                              Us making our kits.
                                                Us taking another picture with our kits.
                                    And our hole team taking a picture with our kits.

This Thursday we got to make kites. as you see here we have been taking picture with our kites and making our kites. We had so much fun making kites and the fun part about it was when we were finishing our kites.

bmx and frosty

Riding a bike to the ocean there was a young man called the bmx kid. When the bmx kid was riding his bike he saw  a old man that had old white hair. He came up to the old man and jumped off the cliff into the dark blue water and made a fountain of spray. At the marvellous view the boy came back and did a graceful dive deep into the dark water and did a marvellous bomb.

Overlooking the cliff the bmx kid said to the old man
Can you do bombs like me and the old man said I'm too old to do  those kind of powerful bombs like you. When the old man said that. The bmx kid said my Nan is much older than you and she can do bigger bombs than all of us.

Powerfully the old man said I am God and I will show you how to do a powerful bomb. So the old man did his bomb and hit the dark blue water and flew back onto the cliff. When he came back onto the rocky cliff he cracked some parts off the cliff. The boy said see you're never too old.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This tyres flat.

Today my reading group went out side and face time Mr Moran's dad because we were learning about fixing car's and Mr Moran's dad was an mechanic. so we face time him and went on with it. when we were face timing Mr Moran's dad he came up and we were looking at what he was doing. it was amazing because I got to see how he fixed a real car. so when we were looking we saw how he took out the nuts and how he took out the wheel. after that we got to see his boss and his boss name was grandpa Dennis. after looking at grandpa Dennis we got to see Mr Moran's and grandpa Dennis's dog Jack and Sonic. after that we turned off the face time from the computer and went inside and went and writ about it.