Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Equivalent Fraction.

  1. How many sixths make a half? 3

  1. How many eighths make a quarter? 4

  1. 6/8 equals how many quarters? 5

  1. One half equals how many quarters? 6/2

Friday, November 17, 2017

Choose a Narrative.

One morning in a dirty jungle there was a broken plane that was on fire that fell out of nowhere and that had heaps of leafs and grass on it. When the plane was on fire the sky started to turn gray and black while the wind started to rough and rough. When the wind was rough the fire on the plane started to go away. When the fire on the plane went away it started to rain. When it was raining a huge tsunami came and then washed the plane and the plane went up side down then took all the leafs and all the grass away. When the tsunami was gone a tornado came and broke the plane into pieces and then every part of the plane went into to the river and that was the end of the plane that was in the middle of the jungle. When the plane was gone the jungle started to get cleaner and cleaner and when it was clean the sunshine started to come out. THE END.