Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This tyres flat.

Today my reading group went out side and face time Mr Moran's dad because we were learning about fixing car's and Mr Moran's dad was an mechanic. so we face time him and went on with it. when we were face timing Mr Moran's dad he came up and we were looking at what he was doing. it was amazing because I got to see how he fixed a real car. so when we were looking we saw how he took out the nuts and how he took out the wheel. after that we got to see his boss and his boss name was grandpa Dennis. after looking at grandpa Dennis we got to see Mr Moran's and grandpa Dennis's dog Jack and Sonic. after that we turned off the face time from the computer and went inside and went and writ about it.


  1. Hi joseph In like what you have made today it looks really nice to Msr moran it is because smiling. it is really nice. victoria.

  2. i love what have done it looks really nice to see that of Msr Moran.
    by victoria.

  3. Hi joseph that is nice seeing Mr moran's dad.


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