Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The race

When there was a cross country race at pt England all of the year 3 and
the year 4s 5s 6s and the year 7s got ready to run. When it was time for the race Mr Moran said who's sitting nicely and then he was picking whose line is going first. Then he chose my line and my line went. When we were having the race I felt nervous. I felt nervous because I think  that I might fall down on the ground. Then I kept running and II came to Mrs Belt. Mrs Belt
said you are my champion Joseph. Then I was proud so I kept running.
Then I came to Mr Moran. When I came to Mr Moran he said keep running. So I went over for another run.  At the end me and Ozzy came first a tie.

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  1. Kia Ora Joseph, awesome writing, I love how you wrote about how you were feeling! Keep up the amazing work mate! Ka Pai!


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