Thursday, October 20, 2016


On the holidays me and my family went to our cousins house. After that we had a sleepover with them. We had so much fun because we get to stay for two days.
On the second day we went outside and played on their trampoline. Me and 
the others were playing rugby. My little brother was playing with the other little kids.
My second little brother was playing rugby with us. Me and the big people were playing at the back yard. I got to be in my oldest team. After that our mum came to
pick us up. After our mum picked us up we all were home. After that day we get to 
go McDolnolds. When we were finished eating McDolnolds we went to go and visit 
our grandma that was dead. Then after visiting our grandma we went back home.

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  1. Hi Joseph,
    I really enjoyed reading what you did during the holidays. Having a sleep over sounds like so much fun! What are you going to do for the next holidays?

    From Miss Lavakula


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