Monday, July 3, 2017

The haunted house.

As I walk up to the Haunted House I saw graves, I sneaked around to the back of the house.  The window is cracked but the window was too small, so I kept searching for the door. Through a cobweb filled alley, I see a door, it’s open I walk inside, I hear a baby crying.  I search the house for the baby.  I walk into a room I find a radio on the bench, through the speaker I hear “you’re not leaving here now”.  I run for the front door.  The door is locked shut there is no way out…

Then I checked for a secret door that can lead me out. Then I knew a way out. Then I checked under the dusty mat. But there was no door.
Then I checked in all of the rooms but there was no door. When I was
Looking for the spooky door I heard that there was some ghost following me from the back. When the ghost was following me from
The back I looked at the back but the creepy ghost was not there. Then I kept walking until the sound came back and I checked again.
After that I started running. I tripped over and fell and broke the floor.
When I broke the floor I stood up and started running again. As I was
Running I got scared and scared. Then I stopped and something bumped into me. Then I turned around and started to panic but I didn’t. So I started to walk back down stairs and started to find things to get out. Then I saw a secret door and went through the door and the door took me back inside the haunted house. Then I ran upstairs and started to find a secret door again. As I was walking I heard the radio
And the radio screamed at my ear. I threw the radio onto the ground
And started to stand on it and that was the end of the radio. So I started walking again looking for a secret door. So when I was looking for the secret door I got to this room and the room had the lights on.
When the lights were on I went inside and I heard a noise the noise heard like the radio but. But when I thought it was the radio it was the owner of the house the owner of the house was a witch who stayed in the house for 100 years. So when I saw the witch I started to shout instead of shouting I tried to ask the witch can you show me where the key is so I can get out and the witch said sure because she was a kind witch so she showed me where the the keys are and I got them and ran down stairs. When I ran down stairs I opened the door and ran away. The End.

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