Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Last Tuesday our teachers Miss Moala and Mrs West said to us “if you guys are going to camp tomorrow you guys have to bring mufti and if you guys aren't going to camp you have to wear your normal uniform”. After that day on wednesday it was time for camp. Then when all the year 5 and 6s came to school I saw that heaps were going to camp and then when I saw my friend Jerry  Then I when up to him and said “why didn't you come to come to came Jerry” Then he said that he didn’t even know why. Then it was the time for camp and we got in to our teams for camp. The teams names were /klean krushers/Tumeke To Clean/Pollution police/Trash Bashers and Green Machine. When

it was time for camp my team that i was in was the Klean Krushers and when I was that team my two only friends were Brandon and Michael. Then I started to feel nervous because I've never slept at school before because were we slept was in the field. After when our leader for our camp was explaining the rules all the camp teams got up and went of to do what we were supposed to do.

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