Thursday, May 18, 2017

The waka.

I can see the dark blue sea. I can see people cooking and people that have large sharp sourds. I can see people getting ready to go
Voyaging across the dark blue sea. I can hear people shouting and talking. I can hear bouts  selling across the dark blue sea and I can hear the sea whooshing through the water path. I can smell the people's kie. I can smell the dog because he had a little wash.
I can see black brown wood on the dusty ground. They were on the dusty ground because the strong wind got the long tall trees onto the ground. The people that were cooking where the people
That were so poor. Then the big strong chef came and said are you guys alright. Then the wind was freezing my nose. When the wind got stronger and stronger the waves of the sea splashed onto the shiny sand and the gray rocks bigan to shake when the waves were splashing onto the sand. The people that were talking started to shout because the waves were too loud. When the waves were loud people started to go voyaging across the waves. Then people that were waiting for the others went to sleep. I can see a little bit of grass. I can see the dog barking at the sea when the sea is loud. I can see the huge Blue Mountains with snow on top.

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