Thursday, May 11, 2017

The maori village.

When I walked into this beautiful village I smelt lovely muscles. That year was 1868. I saw people talking laughing playing and cooking. I also saw lovely houses built with yellow shiny straw.
I saw paths gray rocks and lots of green grass. There was an old old man that had a little baby and the baby had smooth curly hair that looked like fluffy clouds but yellow. I saw lots of wood lying on the ground. The wood that was lying on the ground it was for
The people who were cooking. The people that were cooking were doing a amazing work at cooking the food. The kids that were playing I went and asked them what are you kids doing then they got so scared because they haven't saw me in ages. Then I said don’t be scared because I won’t hurt you. Then I went away
Looking at other people. Then I saw a big strong man that looked like a chef. Then I went up to him and asked him are you the chef and he said to me yes yes indeed. Then I said great can you show me where you live. Then he said come with me and you will see.
When I went with him he said to me. This is my house and I said wow you have an amazing huge house. After I said that he said do you want to come in. Then I said yes. When I went into the shiny straw huge house I said can I check your house out and he said yes yes indeed. Then I went inside and checked his rooms and I checked his room were his son sleeps in. Then the chef's son came inside and said to me what are you doing in my room and said get out of my room because you are not allowed in here.

Then he threw me out of his room and I said to the chef. Your son is very very bad. Then he said to me sorry you must get out or my son will throw you out. Then I went out to this women and said if I could sleep in your house and she said yes you can. Then I went inside and said to her thank you.

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