Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Immersion Assembly.

On the first day back to school the hole of Pt England school went to the Pt England hall and we were looking at all our teachers video that they have made in the holidays. First it was time for team 1 and then we had to watch the video that the team 1 teachers made and it was all about weight. Then it was time for team 2s video. Then we started to watch there video but instead of team 2s video they were acting it and then we watched them. After that one of the teachers that were acting in the video told us about what team 2 is going to be learning about and it was how to move things by different ways. At last it was time for team 3. When it was time for there video the teachers in the video were swinging and going down the slide and jumping off the swing. Then after that it was time for team 4 and that was my team but they were acting just like team 4. When team 4 were acting it was finished and then one of the teachers came and then he or she told us what team 4 is going to be learning about. After that it was time for team 5 but they were acting as wellllll after they act then after that Mr burt our principle told us to go back to class and do some learning.

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