Thursday, March 30, 2017

The thing I learnt about kapa haka is that when you are doing kapa haka in front of people you are nervous.

  • What happens at a Kapa Haka festival?
Because it was raining.
  • Why is it a big day for Daniel and Teremoana?
Because it was their kapa haka performers.
  • What do they do when it rains in the morning, the day of the festival?
They will have the festival at another school hall.
  • How would Daniel and Teremoana feel when the crowd is clapping?
  • How would you feel being in a Kapa Haka festival, and why?
I would feel nervous because I have to do the kapa haka in front of lots of people.

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  1. Hi son. Thank you for trying hard. Please continue to do so cause you make me proud and you'll make yourself proud too.



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