Thursday, March 23, 2017

The relay race

Yesterday Mr Moran's writing class went to sports. We went to sports after the waiata the mihi and the karakia. We did sports on the field and we had fun. It was a sunny day to. We did obstacles and relays. The sports we were doing were a relay batten and we had to skip through the a hula hoop and we had to spin around a pole. When it was time for the relay race it was I and Zoe’s  turn to go first. When it was time for I and Zoe’s turn Mr Moran said ready steady go. After that I and Zoe went. First me and Zoe got the pole and ducked our head down and then we had to spin around for 4 times. Next we had to jump over the hurdles. After we had to run and then skip through the hula hoop. When me and Zoe ran to skip through the hula hoop. When I was running I forgot that the grass was wet. Then I slipped and fell on the ground. After that my team said get up get up then I got up and skipped through the hula hoop. Next I had to run around the orange and white cone and run back to the starting line. Then I had to pass the relay baton to my team and then they will have to run. After when we were finished we went back to class and write about the relay race and we came after one round.

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