Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Mission

This afternoon it was a sunny day at the beach. At the beach it was windy and it was hot because it was a sunny day. There at the beach there was 100s of umbrellas. At the beach there were big huge rough waves. When the waves were rough the people did not care about it. The waves were too rough because out out in the sea far away there was a big huge massive bout that was on fire. When the bout was on fire the people were shouting. The people were shouting because there was a that was on fire. There was a man called Johnson. Johnson saw the the bout on fire too and  he saw that the bout was stranded too. So he tried to find a way so he can rescue the people that was on the ship. Suddenly he didn't know  that he could swim so he swimmed to the big ship. When he got to the bout he tried to find a way so he could get up. When he was trying to find a way to get up he heard screaming coming from the top of the ship. Then he found a long rope that came down from the top so he went up the long rope and got up on the ship. After he got on the ship the screaming got louder and louder. So he ran as fast as he can and then he found them and got out. When they got out he only had two people because they left one person behind so he went back and saved him and then they swimmed back to dry land.

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